USF Alumni, Richie Mroz, Returns to USF!

written by: Cosme Lozano

With Coffee and Careers, you never know who you will meet. The event brings in a wide array of people, all from different walks of life. Most recently, I had the privilege to catch up with recent USF alumni, Richie Mroz! Richie was a communications student here at the university, and he is now working at Professional Salon Concepts, on their communications side. Richie was most active in the student run magazine here on campus, The Encounter.

Richie is also a personal friend of mine, so it was great to catch up in person. A part from that, I got to ask Richie some deeper questions. Richie has a truly unique perspective, as he just graduated from USF last spring. He is one of the “new generation” of workers trying to find their way in the work world amidst the pandemic. I highly recommend you listen to our conversation below!

QnA sit-down with Richie

Talking with Richie, it becomes abundantly clear that today’s employers want employees who can do a little bit of everything. Richie was a graphic design student here at USF, and he did some work with video. Having joined the workforce though, he is now practicing skills he did not expect to be using. If you are going into the communications, marketing and or business field, this might be a reality for you too.

While we are in college, we develop specific skills for specific jobs we want to go into. For a lot of college students just coming out of college, their first job might have nothing to do with what they studied. You can still succeed in your new endeavors though, and Richie is proof of that! As long as you remain willing to keep learning, you can still find success in the field. Students who attend USF are often taught a wide ranging curriculum within their fields. This prepares students well for dealing with all kinds of situations in the work world.

Additionally, confidence is one of the other keys. You have to trust what you learned and the knowledge received from personal experiences. It might not feel like you are prepared, but trust me, you are. It just takes some courage and belief in yourself. With those two things, you can conquer anything.

It was an absolute pleasure talking with my old friend, Richie Mroz. For all USF alumni out there, we still offer our services to you! We can help get you set up with employers or we can take a look at your resume before you head in for a job interview. Make the right choice for your career today, and stop by the Career Success Center!

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