WELCOME BACK! Career Success Center Spring 2022 – State of the Center

written by: Cosme Lozano

First things first, Merry late Christmas and Happy New Year! We are all so proud of the work we were able to accomplish last semester here at the center. Whether that be hosting career events, reviewing resumes, or hosting podcasts, this past year was truly a special one for our career success center. Having said that, we are fully concentrated on making 2022 an even better your. Not only for ourselves but for YOU, the people.

In 2022, we plan on doing a lot of what we did last semester, except we want to do it even bigger now. So that means more blogs, more Coffee and Careers, and definitely more Podcasts. Additionally, our door and services are always open to all students and alumni who need help in whatever career endeavors they are facing. Whether that be setting up a resume or getting connected with someone who works in a field you want to go into, we are your one stop shop for all career success related inquires.

For some of our early events coming up, we have the CCCI Career Fest Preparation and Marketing event this month. Further details will provided in a later post. In February, we will have Coffee and Careers back up, as well as the Freshman scholarship competition. If you are interested in any of these events, or would like to learn more about them and others, please visit our office located in Tower Hall at N204.

Lastly, if you are at any point looking for a job or an internship opportunity this semester, please check out our Facebook page! You can stay up to date with us by following us @usfcareerservices.

We are all so excited to be back this semester, and we cannot wait to see all of you as school starts back up! If you would like to get a jump start on your resume or would like to start looking at spring internships, we recommend that you come in and book an appointment as soon as possible. Let’s all try to make this semester our best one yet!

Tips to enjoy the holiday season!

written by: Cosme Lozano

We all love Thanksgiving. It is a time where we can catch our breath, be with family, and enjoy some good food. All is well, until the day after. If you aren’t caught up in the horde of Black Friday shoppers, you are most likely at home trying to figure Christmas gifts. On top of that, if you are a college student, you still have to prepare for finals. Life gets really crazy in a short amount of time and it can honestly be overwhelming. Well, if you were a fan of my survival guide to midterms, then you’ll love this!

First and foremost, we have to address holiday shopping. I HIGHLY encourage all people to try doing their shopping during Black Friday or Cyber Monday. At the time of writing this, these holidays have already passed. Fear not though, as a lot of major retailers offer deals and special offers all throughout the Cyber Monday week, and in some cases they keep the deals going for the rest of the year. So definitely get out there and take care of business!

Next, we need to focus on school. Guys, it’s crunch time and all hands on deck. There is no need to panic though, as if you prepare right, finals can be a breeze. My biggest tip for taking finals in college is to prioritize your finals in a hierarchy. Whatever final is at the top is the final you spend the most time on. This helps you either mentally or physically map out a plan of attack for taking on finals. Whatever finals are toward the bottom are finals you don’t need to spend much time on. My other piece of advice is to use final study guides, and write down the answers to them in various ways. By this I mean writing down the answers on a piece of paper, and then typing the answers on a document. This may seem repetitive and or a waste of time, but the repetition is exactly what we are looking for. For some people, they can purely study off a study guide while others need additional resources. I am one of those people in the latter. It has been extremely helpful for me to write my study guide content on other sheets of paper or typing it out.

I also recommend working with other students, if you can. As they always say, teamwork makes the dreamwork and this is usually the case in finals. Whether you are creating study groups, working on the study guide together, or going over example problems, working in a team in very useful in preparing for finals. If you are a student who does not want to work in a group, talking with your family or roommate can be a good alternative.

When choosing blocks to study, make sure you are also choosing times that are open for you. You can try studying after classes, but you might not have the energy or attention to sit down for a serious study session. Try to schedule your study sessions for parts of the day where you have the most energy. If you are a morning person, maybe this is your time to study. If you are more of a night owl, use the peace and quiet to get ahead and study.

When it comes time to take your finals, make sure you are getting enough sleep and eating well. Before you take the test, try to have something like a protein shake, banana, oatmeal or eggs.

Once you’ve taken your finals and are done, you can catch your breath. Momentarily. The work doesn’t stop there, as you still have to get remaining gifts and wrap all of them. Usually college students have a week or so before Christmas after finals, and this is the time you have to get everything else in order. If you have all your gifts taken care of, congratulations, you are now on break and can enjoy the holidays.

During all this madness, it can be helpful to take a moment and really be present in reality. This is a special time of the year, and as Ferris Buller says, “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it”. Spend time with your family and friends, that or take time for yourself. Once you are officially done with school, your only other assignment is to sit back and enjoy the holiday season.

This is a very stressful time of the year that can overwhelm anyone. Like anything in life, through careful preparation you can accomplish just about anything. I hope this finals study guide serves you well, as it is a formula that is tried and true for me. My only other suggestion would be for students to not be scared to approach teachers about study guide and finals questions. Teachers are there to help students, and in a lot of cases they really want to help their students achieve the best grade possible. Buying and wrapping gifts can be hard, but buying gifts early on and throughout the month leading up to Christmas can take a lot of stress and burden off your plate. Be resourceful and always be on the prowl for special deals and offers. Christmas time is a very special time of the year, (my favorite) and it is a great time to reflect on what you’ve done throughout the year as well as spend quality time with your family and friends!

– Happy holiday’s and happy finals season from all of us here at the Career Success center!

11.19.21 Coffee & Careers – Walmart!

You know this company. You shop with this company. They have locations just about anywhere, and they are one of the biggest companies in the world. I am of course talking about, Walmart!

Have you ever dreamed of donning the blue vest? Have you ever wanted to learn how to work in a team? Well, Walmart might be the company for you. They are constantly seeking new candidates, and it is a great way to get work with solid wages. If you would like to find work, beyond being an in-store employee, this Coffee and Careers is still for you! You can talk with Walmart employers and go over business opportunities for their corporate side. If you are a business student, a communications student, or perhaps an accounting student, we highly encourage you to make a quick stop at our event! This is a great employer and an equally great opportunity to expand your network of business professionals.

We will be holding this event on Friday, November 19th, 2021

As always, students are encouraged to attend this event. This is a great way to get connected with local businesses and leaders within our community. We will be holding the event in the career success center, at N204 in Tower Hall. Speakers will be available to talk with students starting at 10 am all the way through 11:30 am. FREE coffee, donuts and other pastries will be offered to all who stop by. We hope to see you there!

11.12.21 Coffee & Careers – ISAC and DCFS!

I know you all missed Coffee & Careers last week, so we’re going to make it up to you. We got two employers coming this Friday (11/12/21), and you definitely do not want to miss this!

Starting off with the Illinois Student Assistance Commission, or ISAC, they are an organization within the state that seeks to increase the average of adults with a postsecondary education. ISAC Provides Illinois students with information and assistance to help make education beyond high school accessible and more affordable. ISAC has locations in Deerfield, Chicago, and Springfield. If you would like to get real work experience that is for a good cause, then ISAC is the organization for you!

Additonally, we will also be hosting DCFS. DCFS is the Department of Children and Family Services. DCFS seeks to protect children who are reported to be abused or neglected and to increase their families’ capacity to safely care for them; provide for the well-being of children in our care; provide appropriate, permanent families as quickly as possible for those children who cannot safely return home; support early intervention and child abuse prevention activities and work in partnerships with communities to fulfill this mission.

We highly encourage students who are interested in serving in the child welfare field to attend this event, and network with the DCFS professionals. Topics such as career advice or employment can be discussed in person.

As always, students are encouraged to attend this event. This is a great way to get connected with local businesses and leaders within our community. We will be holding the event in the career success center, at N204 in Tower Hall. Speakers will be available to talk with students starting at 10 am all the way through 11:30 am. FREE coffee and donuts will be offered to all who stop by. We hope to see you there!

Bonfire of the Bad Resume – Monday, November 15th!

For students who are wanting to burn their past, now is your chance. Literally! All USF students and faculty are invited to attend the Career Success Center’s Bonfire of the Bad Resume event! This event will be a celebration and casual hang out for all who are interested. For those who attend, you can burn your old resume and get started on a new one with help from the staff at the Career Success Center! People who attend will be offered s’mores and hot chocolate as we set old resumes ablaze.

The event will be taking place in the USF Pavilion & Quad at 4:30 pm

Come on down and say goodbye to those old resumes, while forging a new future for yourself! Also, who can say no to s’mores??

USF Alumni, Richie Mroz, Returns to USF!

written by: Cosme Lozano

With Coffee and Careers, you never know who you will meet. The event brings in a wide array of people, all from different walks of life. Most recently, I had the privilege to catch up with recent USF alumni, Richie Mroz! Richie was a communications student here at the university, and he is now working at Professional Salon Concepts, on their communications side. Richie was most active in the student run magazine here on campus, The Encounter.

Richie is also a personal friend of mine, so it was great to catch up in person. A part from that, I got to ask Richie some deeper questions. Richie has a truly unique perspective, as he just graduated from USF last spring. He is one of the “new generation” of workers trying to find their way in the work world amidst the pandemic. I highly recommend you listen to our conversation below!

QnA sit-down with Richie

Talking with Richie, it becomes abundantly clear that today’s employers want employees who can do a little bit of everything. Richie was a graphic design student here at USF, and he did some work with video. Having joined the workforce though, he is now practicing skills he did not expect to be using. If you are going into the communications, marketing and or business field, this might be a reality for you too.

While we are in college, we develop specific skills for specific jobs we want to go into. For a lot of college students just coming out of college, their first job might have nothing to do with what they studied. You can still succeed in your new endeavors though, and Richie is proof of that! As long as you remain willing to keep learning, you can still find success in the field. Students who attend USF are often taught a wide ranging curriculum within their fields. This prepares students well for dealing with all kinds of situations in the work world.

Additionally, confidence is one of the other keys. You have to trust what you learned and the knowledge received from personal experiences. It might not feel like you are prepared, but trust me, you are. It just takes some courage and belief in yourself. With those two things, you can conquer anything.

It was an absolute pleasure talking with my old friend, Richie Mroz. For all USF alumni out there, we still offer our services to you! We can help get you set up with employers or we can take a look at your resume before you head in for a job interview. Make the right choice for your career today, and stop by the Career Success Center!


Don’t forget to sign up for Knox-Monmouths Virtual Career and Internship fair! If you have any questions in regard to the setup, please follow this link.

For students who attend this event, employers will be able to qualify students by GPA, work authorization, Handshake major group, and graduation date when setting up their sessions. Try to have your Handshake profile setup BEFORE attending the event!

The event will be taking place over Zoom, so make sure you have access to a camera and a microphone. It is encouraged that you find a quiet place to setup for the event. It is also important that student resumes are up to date with the most current job updates.

This is a great chance for students to expand their network, and to possibly find employment. Some employers will be looking for new interns, so if you are still needing an internship before graduation, now is your chance! Again, we highly, highly recommend that students of all grades attend this event. It is a wonderful opportunity, and you never know what doors you might open..

10.29.21 Coffee & Careers – Chick-Fil-A and Professional Salon Concepts!

We have got ourselves another double header this week! This Friday, October 29th, both Chick-Fil-A and Professional Salon Concepts will be joining us for Coffee and Careers! If you are interested in working for Chick-Fil-A, either at their stores or on the business side, this is the event for YOU. Who can say no to some good chicken, am I right?

Well, if working in the food industry is not a desire for you, maybe we can interest you in our second guest: Professional Salon Concepts! For any students who want to pursue a career in the beauty industry, and would like to be trained by the best, Professional Salon Concepts might be a fit for you! Students at Professional Salon Concepts will learn the necessary technical skills along with business, marketing, and guest handling tools that better prepares them for a career after graduation.

As always, students are encouraged to attend. This is a great way to get connected with local businesses and leaders within our community. We will be holding the event in the career success center, at N204 in Tower Hall. Speakers will be available to talk with students starting at 10 am all the way through 11:30 am. As always, coffee and donuts will be provided. We hope to see you there!

10.15.21 Coffee & Careers – IKEA and FedEx!

Come one, come all! We are pleased to announce that this Friday, October 15th, we will be hosting employers from IKEA and FedEx at our Coffee & Careers! FedEx returns for their second Coffee & Careers, and we are so very happy to have them back! If you are still looking for work within FedEx, now is your time to seize the moment and get connected. IKEA will also be attending on Friday, and they are looking for bright students who fit their mission. If you are interested in starting a career with IKEA, we highly recommend you come on down, and pay a visit to the recruiters. As always, free coffee and donuts will be provided for all who come! Grab yourself some breakfast, and come network with potential employers. It is truly a win-win!

Tips that YOU can use to SURVIVE midterms week!

Written by: Cosme Lozano

We have all been there. Some of us are there right now. You dread it and run from it all for as long as you can. It can be none other than midterm’s week…

Midterms are often one of the highest stress points during a semester for college students, and rightfully so. Being tested on everything you have learned in eight weeks can be a daunting situation for some people. Pair that with the fact that a lot of students are still adjusting to in person classes, and the stress really builds up.

Ladies and gentlemen, I am here today to tell you no. It does not have to be.

When approaching midterms, I like to take the approach of doing the hardest thing first. By doing the hardest thing first, you eliminate the toughest obstacle ahead of you. When you can accomplish it that is a huge morale booster. So for instance I have a paper, PowerPoint, and a big test I need to study for. I might do the paper first because for that class, I am doing the worst in. I can make it a priority and put in the extra time to make it what it needs to be. After tackling that, everything else should feel and look relatively easy in comparison.

Sometimes you need some “extra juice” before you can get running though. This has sometimes happened to me as well. In some cases, you don’t have the energy or motivation to do the work right off the bat. With situations like these, it is best to do a really easy assignment first. Something that will require little effort, or take very little time. Some like to save the easiest for last, but sometimes there is value in doing the easy stuff first. By doing an easy thing first, you build confidence within yourself and you show yourself that you can accomplish the work. It’s like tricking your brain, but in a good way.

Other key steps in surviving midterms include having a good study zone and making sure you keep high energy levels. With having a good study zone, you want to make sure you are in a place that is comfortable while also being a place you can focus and get to business. For this, I recommend coffee houses, your public library, or maybe even a basement if you have one. I have had some intense study sessions in my basement back in the day.. Regardless, find what works for you and stick with it.

Keeping high energy levels consist of multiple things. You need to make sure you are eating well, and also getting the right amount of sleep. All-nighters are not recommended, unless the situation is that dire. You also have to try as hard as you can to keep a positive outlook. Some people come into midterms in great shape, and the tests are not really a concern. However, for other people, midterms are a situation in which they can’t afford to mess up.  This pressure can be overwhelming but you have to try as hard as you can to channel that pressure into good study sessions. Reaffirming yourself that everything will be fine can also be a huge help. That and breathing. Make sure you take three deep breaths, breathing in your nose and out through your mouth.

For my last tip, you have to understand that each class and subject matter is different. Each class will require its own special approach. Make a game plan and schedule ahead of your tests and projects, so that way you can build the best plan of attack for each class

Midterms don’t have to be stressful. They only become stressful when we are not ready. Take it seriously now and feel confident when the time comes. Trust me, you’ll thank yourself when you are relaxing on break and have nothing more to worry about!