Coffee & Careers Thank You!

Concluding this school year, we want to give a big THANK YOU to everyone who was involved in Coffee and Careers! Coffee & Careers was a brand new event we created for the students here at USF. In the eight months that we have been conducting it, we have hosted countless employers and seen countless students make connections.

It is with great joy that I can say we will be conducting Coffee & Careers next semester! Coffee & Careers will be undergoing some changes, but it will mostly be the event you know and love. Additionally, we are excited to bring you new employers for next year, in addition to our familiar favorites.

Speaking of familiar favorites, I want to take the time to thank employers who attended Coffee & Careers this year. This list includes businesses like EcoShield, Joliet Bank and Trust, FedEx, Chicago Police Department, Forest Park Police Department, Palatine Park District, Little Learners Academy, Bethshan, Camp Bow Wow, ISAC, DCFS, IKEA, Chick Fil-A, Illinois State Police, Lutheran Life Villages, Dayton Freight, Walmart and more.

Without employers like the ones listed above, we would not be able to host events like Coffee & Careers. Thank you to all employees who took time out of their busy work schedules, to help students network and connect with business professionals.

Last but certainly not least, thank you students! Coffee & Careers was created as a tool for USF students, who are looking to find employment or make meaningful connections. To the students that attended our events, sincerely, thank you.

As the year winds down, we are thankful and excited looking toward the future here in the Career Success Center! We hope you can join us next year. Until then, stay busy and always remember that job opportunities are out there. If you want it, go out there and get it.

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