USF Cribs – Bernie’s Closet Edition

written by: Cosme Lozano

University of St. Francis is a well established and reputable institution in this area. What a lot of people might not realize, or know, is how much the university tries to give back to their students. One of the best ways the school is accomplishing this is through Bernie’s Closet.

I had the chance to speak with Bernie’s Closet organizer, Donna Metlicka. Donna is an associate professor of education here at the College of Education. During our conversation, Donna was able to give me great insight as to how the closet got started, and how students can check it out or get involved!

In addition to the closet, College of Education students can also use Bernie’s Bookshelf as an additional resource. The closet seeks to help education majors, who are trying to build their classrooms up. You can find books and other classroom supplies that enhance student learning in the classroom.

I was able to continue my conversation with Donna, where she provided me more insight on the matter

(Students can catch a break or sleep on these couches. Side note: they are very comfortable!)

If you are student who in the College of Education, Bernie’s Closet and Bookshelf are rooms you need to visit. Even if you are not a student in the College of Education, it still may be worth your time to check out. Each room offers students the chance to look professional as they head into their new careers and job opportunities. I hope you use these great resources!

For students wanting more information, please contact Donna Metlicka, at,

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