What I Love About College

Written by: Cosme Lozano

Another Valentine’s Day passes, and if you’re like me, you spent it alone. Which isn’t a bad thing. Just because you are alone on this holiday of love does not mean you cannot celebrate. Valentine’s Day is a great day to reflect and appreciate what you love in your life. It can be physical or non-physical. For me, I have to say, I have loved my time in college. While it may not have been your “traditional” college experience, I did a lot of cool things and I got to meet a lot of cool people.

For starters, starting college is as nice as what people make it seem. You now have so much freedom and responsibility, that it’s really on you to get the job done. Some students crack under that while others thrive. Taking off the training wheels from high school was something I really loved. Knowing I was the person in charge of my future really got me more invested into my schooling. I absolutely love the detail and work that went into building myself as a proper college student. That process of “building” was one of the best periods of my life. It was like turning a giant blob of Play-Doh into a pristine castle.

Since I have been a Freshman, USF has been an oasis for me to explore. Going all the way back to the beginning, during freshman orientation, I spent my time exploring the campus and just taking in its old natural beauty. This may have been to my disadvantage, as I really did not socialize with my fellow freshman. Regardless, that was an experience I do not regret and I often look back on eighteen year old me, wide eyed, exploring a new world. I loved every second of it.

Fortunately for me, I have always been a communications major with my minor in marketing. These two paths have offered me some truly marvelous opportunities and experiences. My marketing teachers always made class enjoyable, and some of the lectures in those classes are my all time favorites. The communications department may be one of the smallest within the university, but boy is it a tight knit group of people. The people there and the experiences offered have shaped me into the man I am today. Without the teachers and without all the resources they provide, I would not be here writing to you today. I have much love for our schools radio station (WCSF 88.7 fm) as well as the production work that goes into our on campus news channel (Exploring Joliet).

Both places have smart, creative and passionate students who truly love the work they do. They are “what’s next” in the media world, and it has been a privilege to work with them. I love all of them, and view them as my home away from home. I have expanded that home beyond my major, where I also work in our school’s career success center. The staff and the work that is done in this office is truly amazing. You will not find a group of people who want to see you succeed as much as the folks down in N204 do. The love they have for their job and the students is infectious.

Another thing I love about my time in college is just the campus vibe. If you ever see my on campus, there is a good chance I am speed walking to the beat of the music I’m listening to. In doing so, I always tried to take in the natural scenic beauty of college life. Just seeing students out in the quad, sitting in trees, filming a video in the hallway, or having a free pizza giveaway are all stand out memories. Sometimes those moments felt like something out of a movie.

Being here for four years, I can say that just about everyone here at USF cares about the product. The product is the student. Faculty and staff truly care for this institution and they want to see the betterment and success of its students. I can probably list on one hand my bad interactions with people, and even then it is usually the same person.

Valentine’s Day is a day for love, but too often, we get bogged down in the loneliness of the day. We all want to be loved, but sometimes it is just as valuable to reflect and give thanks on who and what we love the most. My time in college may not have been my picture perfect image, but it has made me into who I am today. Because of that, I will always have love for my college experience and the four years I spent at the University of St. Francis. It has put me on the right track, to figure out this thing we call life.

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