written by: Cosme Lozano

We have had a blast hosting our first couple Coffee and Careers, and we hope that you are all enjoying them as well! Again, they are events that are meant to help students get connected with possible employers in fields of their interest.

Most recently, we hosted the Illinois State Police Department for our second Coffee and Careers. Today, I would like to go over some of the insight with Illinois State Trooper, Omoayena Williams.

Here is what Trooper Williams had to say in regard to career struggles she has had to overcome..

In the recording above, Trooper Williams expresses how it was hard for her to start her new job with the police, while finding out she was pregnant. While this exact situation may not be the same for everyone, I am sure a lot of us can relate to the overall feeling. There is likely a time(s) where you have started a new job or position and it was stressful. Then on top of that, life seems to enjoy throwing a wrench in the rest of your plans. This is where we have to be at our best when it comes to time management and organization. Trooper Williams also mentions how her family really helped her during this time. I truly love to see this, and it is something I recommend to people – find a support system. Whether it’s a person, parent, or your pet goldfish, find someone who you can confide in. Life is tough. We all know this. Sometimes you need someone there for you during your most challenging times, and Trooper Williams is a testament to this.

After, Trooper Williams shared with us some of her own career advice she would give to students..

Trooper Williams shares a message that has been preached hundreds of times, yet it still holds true every time it is mentioned. KEEP YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA CLEAN! I understand the desire to share your life on social media, but you don’t have to share everything. Like she mentions in the clip, once you share something online, its out there. You can’t bring it back or truly delete it. Guys, don’t do it for me or for the center. Do it for your future self. There have been so many stories I have heard where someone was a prime candidate, and then the company did the social media background check… Please please please do not ruin a golden opportunity for yourself, just because you wanted to post that crazy picture from the weekend with your friends. In this social media age it is often for the “clout”, and trust me, the clout is never worth it long term. Long term job sustainability and success will always trump social media clout.

Thank you Trooper Williams for sharing these wonderful responses! If you would like to talk to people like Officer Williams, come on down to our next Coffee and Careers! We host our next event on Friday, October 8th. We hope to see you there!

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