Tips college students SHOULD KNOW before applying for jobs

Written by: Cosme Lozano

During our time in college, we learn a lot. We learn things like Plato and Aristotle’s viewpoints on the world, how to conduct a lab, how to be a radio host, and the list goes on. One thing we don’t really learn is how to converse and act during our first job interview. Today, I am going to be giving you guy’s four tips that will hopefully help you out during your first job interview.

Tip #1 – Make a resume, and have it reviewed

            When it comes down to the basics, making a resume should be the first thing you do. Making a good resume is not hard, but it can be if you are not active in your community or school. When you make your resume, you need to give a snapshot into all the skills, and things you have done and learned. It is important to remember that a proper resume should be about one page in length. If you do go over, you run the risk of the resume reviewer getting bored and not finishing the resume. Good things to put on your resume would be work experience, education, as well as certifications and qualifications you have received.

 Another thing to note: if you are majoring in something that requires you to have a portfolio of your content, (i.e. Radio air checks, drawings made, videos produced, songs made, etc) make sure you have them in your back pocket! You can pull it out and show your interviewer the content, to go along with your resume. Lastly if you are a student or alumni at the University of St. Francis, you should really stop by the Career Success Center. We will help you review and edit your resume for no cost. We seek to make your resume the best version it can be before you go out for that big interview. Schedule a meeting with us today, by following this link.

Tip #2 – Do research on the people you wish to work for

            Failing to do research on the people you interview with is one of the biggest reasons why people show up unprepared. Businesses and people expect that you have a genuine interest in the organization, since you are applying to work there. It can be very awkward for both sides, when the interviewer asks you a question regarding the company’s mission or purpose and you don’t know it. We can avoid this entirely, by doing our research and studying the organization. By looking at what they do, you get an idea of their values and beliefs. This is valuable because you can then use this information to see what kind of person they want for the job. Another reason the research helps, is because it calms your nerves. Do you remember a time back in high school or college where you studied hard for a huge test and you wound up getting an A on it? You got that A because you worked hard, and you did the research. The same principle applies here. Put in the work, and get the reward YOU deserve! 

Tip #3 – Have your friends or colleagues help you

            What are friends for if they don’t do mock interviews with you? Am I right? No, but in all seriousness having your friends give you mock interviews can be a great way to prepare for your interview. It helps give you a sense of how the interview might go down when it comes time. You can do this, but even better, by replacing the friend and having someone who works in that profession or a mentor figure. Having someone who has worked, or does work in the profession you want to go into is invaluable and it can give you a huge advantage. Not only do they know what to look for, but they also know the little tips and tricks to the trade. Whoever you decide to interview you, I am sure that it will only help you out. By doing casual interviews, you can strengthen your confidence and it also gives you familiarity in an interview

Tip #4 – Dress to impress!

            The time has come.. You have made a strong resume, you did your research on the people you will be interviewing with, you did countless mock interviews. All that’s left is for you to look the best version of yourself as you head out. Make sure your hair is tamed, and nicely done. For any men who have facial hair, shave it off or trim it to be more uniform. Next, make sure you have the right outfit picked. For women, going with a fitted blazer, blouse, button down, khaki pants or appropriate dress is usually the way to go. You can pair the items above with a nice pair of shoes, and socks or tights. For men, the standard is usually a button down, dress pants, and a nice tie that compliments the color scheme. Don’t forget that the color belt you choose should also match the color of your shoes. PLEASE DO NOT WEAR A BLACK BELT WITH BROWN SHOES! Before you head out the door and conquer the world, make sure to give yourself a quick spray of your favorite fragrance. If you can do all of this, you will look and feel like a million bucks. That extra confidence will go a long way as you head toward the big interview.

Good luck guys!

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